Nicole is a self-published author who writes books of inspiration and motivation for the purpose of helping others recover from traumas. 

Her latest book, "Abused Adolescent" discussing childhood traumas can be found on Amazon.com or www.knfenterprise.net. Abused Adolescent is a series the next volume is coming soon. 


Nicole is a public speaker. She has the credentials as a certified life coach to speak in the setting of organizations, corporations, personal achievements, etc.

Nicole can be hired for any event by reaching out to her on the contact page.

Her fees vary depending on the assignment; whether it be a workshop, seminar, conference, etc.

                                                     Life Coach:

Nicole is a certified Life Coach. She specializes in Trauma Recovery. Her Life Coaching abilities is a mixture of education, spirituality and personal experience. She has multiple program levels to fit a variety of coaching styles. To find a coaching program that works for you Nicole can be reach through the contact page.