About Us

  N.C. Project Life is a business that promotes empowerment through speaking engagements, Life coaching and writing books. N.C.P.L uses educational and motivational concepts and applications to help targeted audience reach their purpose. We are available for Conference (Keynote), Seminars, Workshops, etc. 
​                                                 Please call (773) 688-9029 or email ncprojectlife@gmail.com

Author, Life Coach, Trauma Recovery, Public Speaker


Nicole is a business owner, she is always ready to serve. She is a Public Speaker, a self-published Author (“Abused Adolescent”), a certified Life Coach, certified Trauma Recovery advocate, certified Crisis Intervention advocate, etc. Although she holds a host of degrees and certifications of qualifications to be of service; Nicole’s biggest passion is working in the Trauma Informed sector.


She uses her personal life experience and achievements as exemplified encouragement to remind victims and survivors that opportunities of achievements are available;

 “You Don’t Have to Look Like What You’ve Been Through.”



Who Am I?

Keith is a business owner, He serves in the community by motivating others to be their best. He is a retired officer who has compassion for helping the youth achieve success at their own level. He lends encouragement, guidance and advise that helps them achieve their goals.


Keith works with N.C. Project Life by aiding in workshops, conferences and seminars. He speaks to the youth during events. Together with his wife, Keith is the owner of Grandma Irma Sauces and K.N.F. Enterprise.

The essential focal point to the entrepreneurial opportunities afforded Keith is to ensure they serve the community one way or another.